Enabling Jamm + Krisp for crystal clear audio

Applying AI algorithms to solve real-time speech quality has always been an interesting area for us at Jamm in addition to video. We are always working on interesting optimizations. Other companies exclusively focus on solving this problem and the leader of the pack is Krisp. Krisp promises to improve audio quality by removing background noises and upscaling the existing audio to HD “on-the-fly”. This means no more background noises, kids screaming and neighbours’ dogs barking.

At Jamm, we have always prided ourselves with “designing for choice” and want to you to be able to use whatever works for you. Here is a quick setup guide to using Krisp.ai with Jamm your audio quality up a notch.

So here you go:

1. Head over to Krisp.ai and sign up for the application

Sign in and download the Krisp application for the platform you happen to be using.

2. Download the Krisp application

3. Configure Jamm to use the Krisp Speaker and Microphone

Select the Hardware Settings cog on Jamm and in the Microphone and Speaker Dropdown, pick “Krisp microphone” and “Krisp speaker”

Away you go 🚀

Give it and spin and jump in your favorite Jamm huddle!