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Jamm 101: Tips and Tricks for White Boarding

Hey Jammers and Pre-Jammers! We’re still pretty pumped about our new white board functionality powered by Excalidraw. If you haven’t shown off your flow chart skills yet, or schooled your teammates in a game of Pictionary, then get to it! 

Jamm’s white boarding functionality lets you take advantage of some pretty robust features to visually share new ideas or brainstorm with your team.

Pretty cool, right? But what you might not know is that Jamm’s white boarding has a memory, so you can continue to work on your flow-chart or brainstorm sessions numerous times until you get it just right. Once complete, you have the ability to take a snapshot and send it out to your team so everyone is on the same page.

Also, don’t forget about Jamm’s recording feature. We know it’s not always possible for everyone  to sync at the same time – especially when you’re  in different time zones. We’ve got your back!  In this case, you could simply record your brainstorm sesh + white board and send it out to the team so they have full context on what the session was all about.

White Board Competition – WIN a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Submit your best Jamm white-board drawing of your favorite remote location to work from and be entered to win a $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD.

Here’s how:

  1. If you are not already following Jamm on Twitter, then follow @jammhq
  2. Submit a screenshot of your Jamm white-board drawing with #jammonthemove to be entered to win. Submission deadline is Monday, 7/13.
  3. Winner will be notified via direct message on Twitter on Tuesday, 7/14.

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