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Super excited to announce today that Jamm has been acquired by Hopin. We are entering an incredible era of innovation — especially as it relates to collaboration, human connection and communications. All of us are pumped to join Hopin alongside Streamable and StreamYard. We believe this acquisition provides Jamm an amazing platform to build on the great work we’ve already done re-thinking collaboration in the workplace and to power new, disruptive products and experiences within Hopin.

When Adam, Juan and I started Jamm in the summer of 2019, the world was a very different place. We believed that something transformational needed to exist in between text-based messaging in the workplace and traditional video conferencing. We also deeply believed in the consumerization of the workplace, with the advent of companies exploring new social and communication modalities. All of that and much more has changed since then:  

  • Rich audio and video experiences that enable human interaction and connection are even more relevant in the world we live in today.

  • As we all hurtle towards a hybrid world, it’s increasingly important to re-think collaboration and communications in the context of the new realities we all face.

  • We are at the crossroads of a bunch of enabling technologies — 5G connectivity, ubiquitous cameras and mics, powerful mobile devices and, most importantly, a shift in how we all want to express ourselves and connect with the people around us.

We are barely scratching the surface in terms of what is possible for the future of communication and collaboration.

Thanks Everyone

Incredibly proud of the Jamm team and what we have accomplished so far. In the last 12 months, we have powered a quarter of a million audio-visual interactions amongst various teams worldwide. It’s been amazing to have the level of engagement we are fortunate to have thanks to our awesome group of customers. Want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for your continued support, feedback and partnership!

Also want to express my special gratitude to our investment partners, advisors and friends. It’s been humbling to work with such an amazing group of folks who believed in our vision back when it was just a bee in our bonnet.

Thrilled to be working with Johnny and the rest of the crew and can’t wait to jointly explore the future of online connection and make virtual experiences even easier for Hopin customers. 🙌


Founder & ceo