Building Creativity into Remote Teams

Building creativity into remote teams is a huge priority for companies of all shapes and sizes. It’s never been more important than it is today with organizations now operating fully remote (or partially). Our CEO Badri Rajasekar had a chance to share his thoughts on how to overcome this challenge with ReadWrite.

Modern teams must anticipate these challenges and build an open, transparent culture that encourages creativity. It’s more than just saying “run wild.” Leaders need to be intentional about how they design a culture. It must be based on trust, alignment, and camaraderie while simultaneously empowering teammates with the right tools to foster that culture.

A few of his tips?

  • Build flexibility into your structure

  • Encourage micro-interactions

  • Evolve from text to voice and video

  • Leave a video “note” for later

  • Learn to check out

  • Ask personal questions

You can check out the full article, “Building Creativity into Remote Teams“, over on ReadWrite. There’s a ton of actionable advice you can start applying to your team today.