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Benefits You Can Offer to Promote Wellness Among Your Workforce

Having an engaged workforce is more important now than ever before. During this crisis, many employees cannot work together from the same location. This is why it’s so important not only to find a way to keep these workers connected to one another, but also help alleviate some of the stress they are feeling about the current state of affairs will be a very important venture for your company.

Employee Engagement Activities

The simplest and easiest way to help your employees feel that they are not alone is by providing opportunities for social engagement and interaction with one another. These interactions don’t necessarily have to be work-related either. With ad-hoc video chat platforms, your workers can easily arrange for simple social exchanges to break up their day. This is especially important if your office is not currently open, or only allowing for a limited number of employees to work in the office at a time.

Encourage your employees to set up 15-30 minute check-ins with their teammates or coworkers on a regular basis throughout the week. These meetings can consist of simple chats about non work-related topics, just as a means of socialization and connection during a time when coworkers are physically distant from one another. Casual conversations will help keep up the morale that is typically established when employees are all working in the office.

Try to get ahead of that by being proactive with your communication. Perhaps you can change the way you work a little so that people can tell you are doing things without having to ask you. You want to create updates online that people can look at instead of coming to you to ask what’s going on all the time. For example:

Financial Literacy Education

Especially in today’s climate, your workers could be stressed about their finances. Whether they are struggling due to a spouse being out of work or from unexpected expenses, it is likely difficult to afford the lifestyle they were living before the pandemic hit. You can assist your employees in alleviating some of this stress by providing them with education on financial literacy and the options that are available to them.

Whether you teach budgeting choices or banking options, anything you can do to help your employees stay stress-free when it comes to money will be a valuable benefit your business can offer. A great option you can teach your employees about is about financial institutions that allow them to access early direct deposits. Payments can be deposited into their account a few days before they usually would, which can help take some of the pressure off of getting bills paid on time. Providing education about this stress-relieving option is a great benefit to offer your employees.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Another great possibility to offer your employees during the pandemic and otherwise, is the encouragement of a healthy diet and exercise. You can guide your employees virtually, offering workouts and healthy eating guidance in a company intranet post, or you can put out healthy snack options and encourage walk breaks for those who may be working in the office.

Allowing your employees the opportunity to take one or more short breaks for light physical activity not only helps to increase overall wellness in your business, but it can promote positive employee relationships as well. Whether your workers choose to walk together or simply discuss their exercise goals with one another outside of work hours, you will find more of your staff coming together and promote the overall wellness of your employee bases. You may even want to consider starting a slack channel for your staff to use to share their successes and suggestions for a healthy diet and exercise.


Wellness benefits are important to offer your employees. In these complicated times when your company can’t physically be together, finding ways to keep spirits high and health a priority are necessary to keep your employees going. Try out one or more of these benefits and let us know how they help your staff learn and grow.