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Virtual workplace for remote teams

Audio, Video collaboration made easy. It’s like Slack and Zoom had a baby 👶 – Free yourself from meetings with quick, easy and fun 1-click video collaboration. Connect over a coffee or jamm on a new idea, skip the meeting.

With all the features you need

Video chat

Video Stories




Slack Integration

Supercharge your workflows

Slack Integration

Nobody needs another workflow. With Jamm’s Slack integration and slash commands, quickly jamm with anyone in your team even if they don’t have the application.

AI Assisted Face Framing

Jamm leverages computer vision to automatically detect, track and frame only your face. No more worrying about be off on the side. Just focus on the conversation.

Live Chat or Send Video Messages

 Engage at your own pace with live chat or send recorded video snippets  So whether you want to provide a visual update, show off the new feature you built, collaborate or just plain have fun, we have you covered.


Easy, Secure Web Links

Want to chat with someone who does not have Jamm installed? No worries, just copy the web-link and invite your friends to a video chat. They can join from anywhere with just a click and the browser.

Get stuff done

Skip the long meeting

Unplanned interactions lead to important outcomes. Jamm helps you have short bursty conversations with 1-click video chat, almost as if you’ve passed your teammate in the hallway.

Context when connecting

No more waiting for people to join a meeting. You know exactly when and how many people have joined a meeting. Save time and join a meeting once others have arrived. No more waiting in empty rooms.

Focus on work, not your video

Designed to take up less screen real estate, Jamm’s floating head video chat experience helps you focus on the task at hand when you’re collaborating – work.

What everyone is saying

Another cool team “meeting” tool for teams that hate meetings. I like how @jammhq doesn’t try to be the next meeting tool, they are the tool in-between your meetings. You know how you can just walk over to your colleague’s desk and ask a quick Q? That’s Jamm in WFH terms.

Chris Brooks

whoa, this one’s a game changer @jammhq .. ultra ULTRA light video chat. better than anything else I’ve seen. perfect timing!!


We’ve started using @jammhq a few weeks ago and it’s really cool. We’ve been remote for a while but this is a really great tool for your team to hang out on and collaborate.

Dan Perry

Just checked the app – so fast and excellent UI!! I will definitely play with it more! Good job!


How teams use Jamm

Engineering & Coding

Engineering & Coding

There are five key ways we see customers using Jamm - some are obvious while others are not. Let's dive in.Group Programming / Distributed DebuggingHuddle to quickly jump into a call by jumping into the "Common Area" or start an impromptu Jamm session with your...



There are a few key ways we see customers using Jamm - some are obvious while others are not. Let's dive in.Culture & TrustCulture and Trust is all about getting face time, communicating the company vision clearly and getting teams aligned. Record your Monday...

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

There are five key ways we see customers using Jamm - some are obvious while others are not. Let's dive in.Prospects / Deal QualificationBe it prospecting, qualifying or following up - its the confluence of rich context, powerful communications and real-time market...

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

There are a few key ways we see customers using Jamm - some are obvious while others are not. Let's dive in.Interface w/ Product + EngineeringWe at Jamm heavily use live huddles, 1-click calls, pulling people in and also sending recorded video messages or just screen...

Product & Design

Product & Design

Jamm is designed with creatives in mind. It includes all the features you need to stay connected, creative and productive. Design Reviews + Product DemosHave something shiny and new to show off? Start a live video chat with teammates and use screen sharing to bring...

DevOps & Operations

DevOps & Operations

There are a few key ways we see customers using Jamm - some are obvious while others are not. Let's dive in.Live production outage debuggingThere is nothing more annoying than debugging a production issue with everyone else asking you - "is it fixed yet?". Start a...


Do I need Jamm if we already use zoom/slack?

More than 90% of our customers use Zoom or Hangouts. Jamm is about what happens in-between meetings for spontaneous conversations, feeling connected and lightweight brainstorming.

How do I use Jamm in my workflow?

Join spontaneous conversations, summon people on the fly or do video podcasts to your team. To see how other teams use Jamm, check out this guide.

What are the pricing plans?

In response to current WFH situation as part of the unfolding Covid-19 crisis, we are offering Jamm free for the next few months. Our regular pricing plans are here

Why call it Jamm?

We think awesome teams are like rockstar bands. Where everyone plays their part, they come together and jam collaboratively to create something fun and amazing!

What problems do you solve?

Jamm enables lightweight, spontaneous collaboration for staying connected, having informal jam sessions and expressing yourself through audio and video

What platforms do you support?

We currently support desktop applications for Mac and Windows. You can also join through the web using links. Linux support coming soon.

Less planning more Jamming

Jamm for Slack - Supercharge video collaboration in your Slack workspace | Product Hunt
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