Work better together!

Modern, lightweight collaboration for remote and distributed teams

Ad-Hoc Face to Face conversations - Stay in the loop ⚡️

No more boring meetings! Talking to your teammates is fast and easy. Imagine you were all sitting around a desk getting stuff done.

Huddle with your team or see what others are up to ✋

Create your own teams & hangout in audio-video channels. Convey your presence in enhanced ways.

Always on & available 🎯

Whatever your workflow + coding setup. We want you to be able to Jamm with your teammates easily & quickly.

Get stuff done!


Access everything with Jamm Commands and keyboard shortcuts. Jamm is designed to work with whatever workflows you might have within your team.

Bird’s eye view

It’s like your walking through the office, visiting different teams and hanging out. Enhanced activity and presence to feel connected and engaged.

For developers, designers and product managers

“Hey John, just merged PR-110, check again and let me know...”

Remote Debugging/Pair-Programming

Quickly huddle and collaborate with your teammates to debug issues, use short burst audio to quickly resolve, summon other people on the fly.

“Let’s walk through the sign-up flow again, frame 1.17 needs to be revised here...”

Distributed Code Reviews

Jump into a conversation and share your screen. Smart pointers let you highlight items, walkthrough code, jump into details.

“I am going to hang-out with the Barcelona team for the next few hours, see what Juan is up to...“

HQ + remote site cohesion

Activity + dynamic presence shows you what people are up to.

“Let me show what I have been working on, have questions about the design!“

Feature teams & collaboration

Create custom rooms that reflect any workflow you may use. Tiger team, squads, pods, feature teams, SWAT etc.

“Let me have a remote coffee with my squad“

Ad-Hoc huddles

Join spontaneous conversations, summon people on the fly or create named meeting links for scheduled meetings.


What platforms are supported

Currently we support MacOS & Windows. Linux (coming soon).

How do you roll out early access

We have a waitlist and prioritize teams that are willing to work with us to provide feedback and be part of our early access program.

What are the pricing plans

We are free for early access customers.

Tell me more about the team

We are a team spread across 3 continents and 5 cities and believe that the future of work is remote and distributed. We strongly believe that we must build the tools to enable the best people to come to gether and collaborate whenever and whereever they happen to be.

Why call it Jamm?

Cause the best performing teams are like rock bands! Everyone plays their part, are spontaneous, have fun and are super creative!

Jamm is currently in invite only stage. Sign up to get early access.

Built with ❤️ in San Francisco, Sydney, Perth & Barcelona. We’re hiring, come say hi 👋